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Frequently Asked Questions 

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

Ever since I was 5, I dreamed of being an artist!

When did you discover your fluid acrylic technique?

I discovered it in the summer of 2017, and I have been in love with it ever since. 

What inspired you to become an artist?

It is hard to say… I was always captivated by beauty. I found beauty everywhere, and I knew I wanted to take part in creating it. 

Is being an artist your main job?

Yes! Since 2018 when I launched my career as an artist.

Did you go to an art school for art?

No, I taught myself through books and lots of practice. 

Were you always gifted in art?

That depends on who you ask! Either way it takes practice to obtain any talent. 

How often do you paint?

As often as I can. At least 3 days out of the week, you will find me in my studio. 

What are your most often used tools?

A pallet knife and my hands! 

What brands do you use?

Liquitex, abstract, Lascaux studio.

How do you go about titling your art pieces? 

Sometimes the name just comes to me during the process. For some paintings, I do take time to reflect.

Did your journey start with liquid art of some other medium? 

No, I started with sketching when I was five. I would draw anything and everything. Later, I moved on to watercolor.

What sort of art are you into?

Abstract, fantasy, or anything that involves imagination. I like art that allows viewers to explore on their own.

In fluid art what is best silicone or floetrol?

It depends on what you are trying to obtain. With floetrol you get bigger cells, and with silicone you get more intricate/lacelike cells.

How do you draw so well?

The desire to perfect my art drives me to practice it more often than most people. Practice makes perfect!

What do you use to get such defined cells?

I use floetrol as a pouring medium or a drop of silicone in the paint.

What is your inspiration?

I always find inspiration in my emotions, movement, and colors. 

How do you make your art look 3D?

The contrast between light and dark brings depth in the paintings which makes it look 3D.

What artists inspire you the most?

Legends like Monan, Cezanne, Picasso, Mattise, and of course, Michelangelo. Just about the same artists that might inspire you.

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