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ART Challenge

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Abstraction meets landscape in a rainbow of colors

Two artists, two styles, but one passion!

acrylic painting
Magali Blandin and Joy Caroni collaborating to create one piece of art

One could say they have completely different styles, yet somehow, they have found a way to create a harmonious duo on the canvas. This art challenge consists of two artists, working together with their four hands on the same painting.

abstract and landscape art
Magali Blandin and Joy Caroni

Joy Caroni starts the painting in her abstract fluid acrylic style, also known as ‘paint pouring’. Once the canvas has dried Magali Blandin picks up the piece. Using the colors and shapes already formed she gains inspiration to add her personal style, oil knife painting. With her knife she creates something unique that blends the two styles perfectly.

abstract acrylic artwork
Joy Caroni and her fluid acrylic technique

The idea is that each artist is free to create in their own technique, knowing that they are working together to create one piece of art. The idea is also for both artists to step out of their comfort zone and push their creativity to a new level.

The second part of the collaboration was to have a joint art showcase—of both artists—Joy Caroni and her abstract style, and Magali Blandin with her landscapes—in the same hall, the idea being that both artist are inspired by nature and its colors.

After the first try of creating an art piece with two completely different styles, the results were not only surprising from the positive feedback the public gave, but also beautiful. The first trial was a success and a wonderful collaboration was born. The 2 artists then decided to create more pieces together in order to have a couple pieces for their joint art show.

abstract acrylic oil painting landscape
Joy Caroni and Magali Blandin in front of some of their collaborative art pieces

As the project advanced, they shared it on social media every Tuesday for their subscribers to watch the progress of each piece. Every Tuesday for 2 months they shared the unique progression of two artists working together. A practice of ‘letting go’ and enjoying the process and what may come of it. To this day they have created 6 joint art pieces signed by both artists.

acrylic abstract art
Joy Caroni and her abstract style, title "Pleasure"

Joy works with acrylic paint and is inspired by her emotions of the moment. She has always adored practicing different forms of art and is completely self-taught. She has been practicing her art for years before finally taking the leap to launch her professional art business, last year in March 2018. She is determined to make her dream of being a professional artist come true.

oil painting
Magali Blandin with her oil painting

Magali Blandin’s technique is oil painting with a knife. She is inspired by nature, colors. And especially loves trees. Also, self-taught, as a teenager, she has been practicing and perfecting her technique while also advancing in her career. Magali worked for a company doing import/export before presenting her work to an art Gallery and she started doing solo art shows. She gained her professional title of artist in 2014 while juggling her other profession, and finally in March 2018 left it all to be a fulltime professional artist.

Is it a coincidence for these two artists to meet? Or was it fate?

A couple months later Joy and Magali meet up for the first time. They realize just how much they have in common and all the passion they share for their profession as new entrepreneur-artists.

Joy first met Magali’s sister who then put the two artists in contact when realizing how they had several things in common, their age, their professional dates, and their passions all coincide! Magali and Joy decide to meet for coffee, and things took off from there. They couldn’t wait to meet again. They had so much to share. Each one’s unique journey that brought them to this unique moment in time to collaborate. They shared their ambitions, their styles of painting, what types of training they did, marketing techniques…

They share advice and help keep each other motivated. End of 2018 they decide they would love to collaborate and show case their art at the same time. Even though they have two completely different styles something clicks, and it feels right for both artists. Both Magali and Joy believe that artists don’t’ need to be in competition with each other but instead can both bring each other up. Instead of stealing the spotlight, their idea is that each artist brings her own spotlight to better illuminate each other’s work!

abstract and landscape artwork
Joy and Magali with the first painting they collaborated on

Joy and Magali are looking forward to working together on future projects and will continue their joint painting experience. Stay tuned for future events with both artists.

To contact the artists or follow them on Social Media (use their names):

Magali Blandin

Joy Caroni

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