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The Luck of the Irish and a Tuppence

The Cliffs of Moher

I recently got back from a weeklong trip through England and Ireland. A week of much needed holiday and delivering some paintings bought by some dear friends.

The trip was wonderful! Sights were seen. Food was tasted. Pictures were taken. Towns were toured. Drives were delicious. Roses were smelled. The weather was perfectly to my liking.

You know that feeling of the breeze on your face, the sun warming your skin, inhaling the beautiful smell of the salty sea air, the call of the sea gulls? These are all little moments in time when everything is perfect. To make a long story short the trip was fantastic, fabulous, fun, fair, fanciful, free, full of everything you could wish for on your holidays.

Then for the trip back. A few hiccups. Drumroll: I realized my ticket was at the butt-crack of dawn. But late nights drinking enjoying Irish pub life, I decided to rebook my departure for later in the day. “Are you sure you booked in the right direction?” My friend asked me. I put it down to cheekiness and not to be taken seriously. Who, me, make an error in booking?

Next morning wake up. Pack. Drop off the rental car. Find my terminal. Flight number nowhere to be seen on the departure boards. Hmmm. Breakfast first. Coffee!!! Then I might be able to see straight.

Breakfast done with I check the departure boards again. Strange. My flight number is not on them. Oh well, I’ll just go right up to the check-in counter and have a word with customer services. I’m sure this will be sorted. Goodbyes are said, and now I can feel a bit of anxiety creeping up on me.

Turns out I had literally booked my ticket in the opposite direction! I had inversed my arrival and departure destinations while booking my ticket. What now Joy? What now? At the desk they recommend that I call customer services online and see what can be done, because apparently online they have a 24hr grace period where they can exchange or refund booking mistakes that are made. I head to a coffee shop to sit and recharge my phone while making some very enjoyable phone calls. Press 1 for blah blah, Press 2 if you’re a right wanker, Press 3 if you are ready to die!!!

Oh, look a coin on the floor! Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have a habit of picking up coins from the floor. No matter the amount. 1 cent, 5 cents, the other day it was even 1 Euro. I will pick it up and take a moment to say, “thank you” and to feel appreciation. I must give credit where credit is due to Marie Forleo THANK YOU Marie. I’ve been practicing this habit for years now.

Interrupting my fun phone calls, I bend down to pick up a lovely 2P (Tuppence). Its bright bronze color cheers me up and I allow myself to feel abundance and appreciation for the moment.

After what feels like an interminably long amount of time I get through to customer services only to be told that my 24 hour grace period is moot because I was a no-show to my flight. The only option left to me is to buy another brand-new ticket, hella more money because I'm purchasing the ticket on the actual day of the flight!

Alright, shit happens, customer services tell me that it would be cheaper to buy the ticket directly at the counter. I traipse back. Only to have my one and only Debit card declined. What now Joy? What now? I ask for the nearest ATM to withdraw money so that I can pay with cash. Blocked. I am not allowed to withdraw the full amount. I go back to the desk in the hopes that I can pay half in cash half by card. Nothing doing. Apparently for the purchase of a new ticket you cannot split the types of payment. She tells me if I want a ticket I’m going to have to ask someone else to pay for me. What the Duck? I’m in a strange country. I don’t know anyone here in the airport. I’ve already split from my friend whose plane is in another terminal. I try calling a friend in England who could spot me the cash. Or family in France. Murphy’s law is on a roll, of course, no one is answering! Time is slipping by and I imagine the last few flights leaving without me and how I will be missing my connecting flight, I probably must sleep overnight in the airport.

I go to sit down and think. A bit of overwhelm creeps up and spills over in the form of tears. I am mentally kicking myself for how blond I am sometimes and the waste of money. Suddenly through my tears I think “You were offered a Tuppence, remember”. I pull it out and gaze at it in my palm. The physical manifestation of a little coin allows me to feel wellbeing and strength. I can do this. I think to myself. I am resourceful. I am patient. I can find a solution. Everything is figure-out-able.

In this frame of mind, I text my friend in another terminal my predicament. His reaction is immediately to ask if he can help me out. I feel doubtful. He is literally in the process of boarding. I hurry back to the desk. And with a 10 minute window my friend uses his credit card to purchase a ticket for me on one of the last flights out. Immediately after purchasing the ticket he must board his plane!

What has this to do with being ‘lucky’, ‘blessed’ or feeling like the Universe has got my back you say? Well, when I arrived safely in London and recounted this tale to my friend, she told me something I was not aware of. A Tuppence is no longer minted and is considered ‘good luck’ when it is found. In Ireland it is even a tradition to buy a Tuppence to offer 'good luck' to the bride.

My take away from this experience is this; if you are open to it, the Universe has got your back. God, the Source of all energy is there to help you find a solution! Pain and overwhelm is always available AND so is peace and beauty and joy! What will you choose to focus on?

We are creational beings and we can create our reality. What do you want to create? Focus on your solutions, focus on your dreams. Dream big! The solutions are waiting for you, will you allow it to happen to you?!

Have a great #weekend!

I shall be holding on to this little guy!

#Pickupcoins you see you never know when it might come in handy. 😉

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1 Comment

Jun 29, 2018

Love this so much!!! The universe is amazing!

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