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Where's my Hammer???

The night before my first art showcase I’m working on last minute details. If you’re like me, you like a little healthy pressure and the thrill of cutting it close to the deadline. Through no actual reason the prints I was about to showcase on Monday arrived Saturday 2 days ago.

Between juggling my English teaching, being a mum and general life happening around us, I didn’t get around to prepping the prints till now. The night before. So, as I am a genius at multitasking (like all other women)! I am getting laundry done, cooking dinner, cleaning the house and getting my artwork ready. Pause for dinner with the babe, quality time together and off to bed she goes.

Now, where was I? Right, prepping the artwork. Hmmm, where is the hammer? I see the measuring tape where I left it, my pen…but no hammer. "Okay, it’s a hammer," I think, "it can’t be that, far right?" Besides I live in a 3-bedroom apartment.

I start logically, methodically. Minutes pass and I’m starting to feel silly. Hammers don’t disappear into thin air. But I do happen to have an 8-year-old who makes things disappear on a regular basis. I start in her bedroom. Then my bedroom. The bathroom and toilet are next. Nothing. A thought seizes me “What if I don’t find my hammer? What then Joy Caroni? What then?” (if there is a sure way to panic, ask yourself a stressful question several times over).

I knock at my roommate’s door. “Hey, this might sound like a silly question. But did you see my hammer anywhere?” “No, but I can come and look with you.” She kindly offers, 10 minutes pass and two full grown adults have come up with no results. I tell my roommate not to worry I don’t need it. Inwardly kicking myself and having a brief moment of self-pity.

Then I remember Marie Forleo’s formula “everything is figureoutable” (see here: . Or my own version from a great book that says, “I can do ALL things”. I begin to start focusing on how to solve the problem of hanging up my artwork without a hammer. Several ideas come to mind and I feel at peace, take a deep breath and decide to do another once over. This time lifting every single art piece. And what do you know? Of course, I myself had placed a canvas over the hammer. Hooray!

When I allowed my mind to panic, I couldn’t see clearly or understand what had happened. I had to let go, get into that sweet spot I like to call clarity. And BOOM, seconds later the results speak for themselves.

As I MacGyver and fix eyelets to the back of the pieces of art it’s a beautiful feeling. My heart is filled with gratitude to be doing this at 10pm at night. Hammering hooks into artwork! “Why?”, you might ask. Because, I’m free. Free to choose my work hours, free to listen to whatever music I want to listen to. Free to work 15-17-hour workdays, and not even feel tired. Free to wake up at 3am or 5am with sudden inspiration to paint. Because, why not? Free to choose panic or clarity. A hammer or no hammer.

Being an entrepreneur means the buck stops with you. So, whether you find your hammer or not decide that you are a person who will find a solution. NO MATTER WHAT! I CAN do all things. I am patient. I am determined. I am hardworking. I am creative. I am kind. I am generous. I am loving. I don’t even need a hammer!

Have a great day.

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